Solo Piano Vocals Los Angeles – Cafe in Winter!

February has been a busy month doing solo piano-vocal gigs and playing all kinds of music!  The last week I performed at one of my favorite venues in Los Angeles,  outside in some pretty chilly but beautiful winter weather, and despite my fingers practically freezing off my hands, I had a pretty good time playing jazz standards, classic rock, r&b, oldies and a lot of different artists.  I keep working to expand my repertoire and with a little luck, should have some video material posted soon to give one and all a better idea of what you’ll get when you hire me for an event.

Click Here to see what my event schedule looks like – I have plenty of dates open currently but I get calls pretty frequently, so….

Click Here to see my song list – I’m adding new material all the time – you can search and sort each list to help you find songs quickly – and I’m happy to take requests – fill out the comment form at the bottom of the song list page to add your request(s) to my list!

Los Angeles is a big city, and I always try to take it all in stride when someone hires me to play a gig that’s a bit of a drive – I just enjoy playing and making people happy with music!

As a side note, I’m helping a good friend work on some EDM (electronic dance music) tracks – production is also part of my work as a music artist in addition to playing solo piano & vocal gigs and heading up event bands and jazz trios, etc.  Seems like I’m spread out a bit sometimes, but the fun of it all makes it all worth it.

I have a bunch of solo piano-vocal events lined up in March, along with a band event and a couple of duet gigs with my good friend John Eberhard – I believe we will have some video material posted as well very soon.  We use backing tracks and dual keyboards, with shared lead vocals. It’s like having a full band but a bit scaled back  – also the rates can be lower since it’s just two of us holding down arrangements that would normally require a full band of at least 4 players.

Much more to come!  Don’t hesitate to contact me if you are anywhere in the vicinity of Los Angeles and need a solo piano-vocalist for your event, or if you need a band or jazz trio – even a piano, female singer combination – I’m able to put together pretty much any configuration you might need as long as I have a bit of lead time.  Let’s talk soon!