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Solo Singing Pianist – Private Holiday Events Los Angeles

I had the pleasure of being the singing pianist at several Los Angeles area holiday events over the past several weeks – so much fun creating musical magic for families and friends!  Being invited into someone’s home to entertain with music is a very special treat for me – people want to have live music in their household  and they want the magic of a live performer who can sing and bring people’s spirits up, create a festive atmosphere and generally just help them have a great time and make the party fun!

My repertoire of jazz standards, classic rock, pop, oldies 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and recent contemporary pop/rock hits along with a slew of great holiday songs, both traditional and jazz arrangements, helped make these event fun both for me and for the clients and their guests!

I think the thing that I most value, especially with the great positive feedback I got ad each of the recent events I was hired for, is that they all felt that I brought something special to their party, something that raised up the level of fun for them to a point where they were really excited and elated – I call this magic!  For me, it’s what I would call “aliveness” and it’s what people want to feel more of!  So I guess that’s my message to anyone who’s having a party or special event – I bring “aliveness” to your party with my musical performance, my attitude, my professionalism, my manners, etc.  It’s what I expect of myself.  I would be embarrassed not to bring these things as what I present, especially to those who are paying me to entertain them.

Part of my joy in doing this is getting nice reviews from people.  Here you can read a really nice Yelp review that one of my recent clients posted:

Read Michelle R.‘s review of Rex Perry Music Artist on Yelp

Please let me know if you’ve got an event coming up and would love to have the positive energy of a great singing pianist to raise the roof off your party!