Solo Pianist TV Film Appearance

Solo Pianist On-Camera in Los Angeles

It was a joy to be an on-camera solo pianist backing up a mother and daughter to add some visual magic to their music video! The ladies were pleased to have someone playing the part of the accompanist to their amazing music project.  The song was gorgeous and I enjoyed playing it along with the video capture. The project was done at the well-known Studio 60 near downtown Los Angeles.

I make myself available for TV appearances, movies and music videos as a visual “prop” involving costuming, theatrical performance or other requirements.  It seems people find me good looking, which I appreciate, but from my point of view, creating magic and showing up with a professional attitude make these musical events fun for me.

Whether it’s an early call, an accompanist gig requiring advanced preparation to learn original music, I’m overjoyed to have the opportunity to add my art to the work of others who shine in their particular form of artistic expression.

Good times!