Pianist vocalist TED Women 2018 - photo by Marla Aufmuth/TED

Singing Pianist – TED Women 2018

I had a great time playing two nights as late-night singing pianist for TED Women 2018 held at the La Quinta Resort in Palm Desert.

Jazz standards, classic rock, pop, you name it! I was booked for two nights in a row, in a room very full of conference attendees. I was fortunate to have been asked to play piano and sing for this very upbeat group of tech-industry professionals, and to have the opportunity to contribute relaxing music to cap off their day of conference activities.

I take great joy in doing corporate events as a pianist and vocalist. Playing piano and singing for TED Women 2018 has worked out perfectly with my particular set of skills and musical direction.

Music is my life, and bringing musical magic to professional people in a corporate setting is very rewarding.  I have to say, it works both ways, as the people who are creating innovation in our society also have a great thirst for the musical aesthetic that comes with live performance of great songs spanning several decades.

What a great way to launch into the holiday season, with over a dozen gigs already booked through December and more coming!