Rex Perry – Keyboardist with the Happiness Band at Sadie Hawkins Dance

Fun night, Walnut, CA in Los Angeles County  – for a rock quartet of old men to be playing jazz swing standards, classic rock, R&B and oldies for high school kids at a Sadie Hawkins dance!

It was a bit of a chilly night (as you can see by our coats and sweaters) but we had a blast playing for these young couples.  Positive proof that even in Los Angeles, kids like the classic music that has been passed down now for several generations. Sinatra hits, Van Morrison, The Beatles, The Eagles, Santana, etc.  The kids loved it!  But the best response we got was for the jazz!  The Happiness Band for tonight’s gig was let by me (Rex Perry) on keyboards (Hammond B3, Clavinet, Rhodes, synths, etc), Barry Shareshevsky on guitar, Latif on Bass and John Eberhard on drums.

We provided the PA system, which worked very well outside, covering a wide asphalt section next to an athletic field.

We got rave feedback from the event director:

Dear Rex,

You and your band were absolutely amazing! Such great energy created by you guys. Thank you so much for filling the night with quality music 🙂