Arturia Matrix Brute subtractive analog synthesizer

Professional Synthesizer Instruction

professional synthesizer instruction Moog Minitaur analog bass
Instruction for Moog Minitaur

I’m now providing personalized synthesizer instruction for professional music artists, especially professional keyboardists, guitarists, producers, or anyone who has recently acquired a synthesizer and wants assistance to learn how to make sounds with it.

Synthesizer instruction videos are all over YouTube, and the owners manuals can be helpful, but synthesizers have basics, just like any other area of technology or music. If you don’t understand those basic fundamentals, you will feel lost trying to get your synthesizer to produce the effects you want.

Are you a professional keyboardist who has recently acquired one of the many new virtual analog or fully analog synthesizers, such as a Mini Moog, Arp Odessy, Arturia Matrix Brute, Dave Smith Prophet 6, Oberheim OB6, or any of the various software synthesizers available as virtual instruments?

Are you finding yourself at a loss to really understand how to get the sounds you want from these magnificent musical synthesis devices?

As a professional keyboardist of over 40 years, I grew up with the ORIGINAL modular synthesizers and learned to program them when I was in High School (ahem, several decades ago), and have been a devoted sound designer and electronic music producer ever since.  In today’s world, the original technologies that changed the world are now being re-created by using modern technology combined with true vintage circuitry.  Truly accessible control panels allow creative expression to flow like never before, IF you can navigate the complex owners manuals or possibly find competent video tutorials to help you work out how to make sense out of the sound design process.

professional synthesizer instruction Dave Smith prophet 6
Instruction for Dave Smith Prophet 6

Recently, I started taking on a limited number of professional keyboardists as private students for synthesizer instruction.  As a matter of fact, my most recent student is a guitarist and producer who decided he wanted to expand his musical pallet by purchasing an Arturia Matrix Brute.  an excellent choice! However, after another keyboard specialist gave him some tips and helped him set up the keyboard in his studio, he felt lost, and gave me a call.  A few short hours later, he was looking bright and having a great time enjoying the magic of this awesome new gear.  We are continuing to work together, but by the end of our first session his head was clear of the lost, foggy confusion he had been experiencing before we started.  I can do the same thing for any music artist who wants to gain mastery over the technology of music synthesis.

My teaching process is hands-on and is designed to jump start your ability to understand the processes of subtractive synthesis, additive synthesis, phase modulation synthesis or FM (frequency modulation) synthesis (such as the famous Yamaha DX-7 or Native Instruments FM8).

If you are a professional keyboardists and want to get some guided assistance to bring you rapidly up to speed with your new synth axe, contact me and we’ll work out the details.

My programs usually require only a few hours and are focused on making sure you quickly arrive at a competent and operational understanding, which includes your ability to MAKE killer sounds quickly and without feeling like you are “hunting” or “guessing” in order to get something done.

If you are tracking a project, you need to be able to quickly get the sound you need, both to satisfy your creative purposes, and also to get a fully professional sound that will stand up in today’s music scene.

You don’t need to hire a sound designer (although you can hire me for that too if you so desire!) if you can get the sound you want quickly and competently.

My rates are professional.  My program is very specific and designed to get you the result you need in a minimal amount of time.

Let’s talk!