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Summer has been filled with great pianist vocalist events in Los Angeles County venues for me!  During August, I had the honor of helping a couple make their wedding vows as I performed music for their ceremony along with background music for their reception.  Another highlight was playing cocktail hour style piano for a private opening of a five-star signature senior living facility in Laguna Niguel, which was a hoot!

Playing with Mark Haynie in Venice as guest keyboardist was exciting and invigorating. More nights at Larsen’s Steakhouse Valencia and Red Restaurant rounded out several weeks of musical variety and lots of singing and piano playing!

And I still did my usual dinner hours at a favorite outdoor cafe near Hollywood.  I was even able to fit in a couple of delicious cafe duet gigs, one with Steve Wagner on guitar at the Olive Terrace in Santa Clarita, and another with the extraordinary Bob Sullivan of the Happiness Band, who brought infectious grooves with his hybrid percussion setup.  More coming on duet gigs!

Performing a wide range of music including classic jazz and pop tunes, classic rock, oldies and contemporary hits, my repertoire keeps expanding and variety is a good thing!  The more tunes I pick up, the more established I get and the “deeper” the groove.

I had several people at different events make a special point of complimenting my singing and specifically how much they liked the tone of my voice – fabulous!  It’s so great to get positive feedback like that! As a singer, there are so many things one has to work on, especially while playing full piano accompaniments, so it’s great to have people expressing appreciation that way. Woohoo!

As we approach fall, I’m working with a great band I play with for a special banquet that will be part of an annual convention outside of Las Vegas in October – more to come on that, but it will be great to get out of LA for a few days!