Keyboardist, Vocalist, Pianist, Band Leader, Los Angeles

Some good times starting off the New Year with lots of exciting gigs in Los Angeles – solo piano vocal, party band, event band, solo piano instrumental, classic jazz, rock, pop, r&b and oldies. January started off with a private event all the way in San Diego leading a rock quartet and playing my “keytar” (keyboard that thinks it’s a guitar) and doing rock organ, electric piano (Rhoads and Wurli), horn sections, synthesizers, strings, Clavinet…fun stuff!

Several gigs at Larsen’s Valencia where I do instrumental acoustic piano and play a large assortment of jazz standards, classic rock, oldies, pop/rock, contemporary and blues.  Larsen’s is a great venue and a great place to eat!  The patrons of the restaurant are upscale and upbeat people, and the staff are super friendly and a blast to work with!

Doing the Eberhard Duet gigs is always a blast, because we are “dueling keyboards” with help of backing tracks to provide full arrangements of classic tunes, which we have a blast playing and which seem to get really great response from our audiences.  Several of those each month, and many more to come!

Jazz Trio, full event rock band, duet performances, singer accompaniment, and production in the studio are all running hot as the new year progresses.  I hope to be able to score more and more great gigs this year – let me know how I can help you make your event magical!