Keyboardist and Band Leader – Rock Shows!

This month has been an exciting one for me in terms of being both a band organizer-musical director and a hired-gun as electronic keyboardist in a couple of different rock shows.

It was very exciting and magical to perform a set of 80s classic rock hits for over 500 people at an awesome venue in North Hollywood, where I played the big synth sound for Van Halen’s “Jump” on my “keytar” portable keyboard, then sang “Spirits In The Material World” by the Police, while playing chords on the keys.  For me, a major highlight was playing the magnificent 7’6″ Yamaha Grand Piano as part of U2’s “Beautiful Day”.  Very powerful and inspiring music to showcase a major event!  Joining me were John Eberhard on drums, Cherie Conner on bass, and Johnnie Ferro on guitar and vocals.

keyboardist, Sofya Wang, Whiskey-A-Go-GoNext was a very cool performance at the famous Whiskey-A-Go-Go in Hollywood, CA, where I was hired on as a guest keyboardist, and played an assortment of electronic sounds to accompany the brilliant music of Sofya Wang. My performance earned me a 5 star review on Yelp and I’m getting more requests for keyboard performance gigs.  Woohoo!

I love creating magic with music!  And in addition to my solo piano-vocal gigs, I have a great time working with rock bands and kicking in that huge rock sound spanning decades!