singing pianist private birthday party event Los Angeles

Birthday Party Singing Pianist Fun!

Josh contacted me to play piano and sing for his fiance’s 30th birthday party – it was a hoot! A well-planned surprise party where I played and sang assorted jazz and rock tunes while the guests arrived, meanwhile Josh was doing “errands” with his girl making VERY sure she didn’t suspect what was brewing back at the homestead.

When they arrived, she didn’t suspect a thing!  The surprise was overwhelming and she went into tears of joy! I played “Happy Birthday” of course and then the party really ramped up!  This was an Irish family, and I got a short breather while one of the family members sang some traditional Irish folk songs with her guitar – magical singing and haunting melodies!

Private events like birthday parties work very well for solo piano & vocals. I fell very honored to be brought into a family event where things are so much an intimate part of people’s life-long relationships. And they were very happy with my contribution, giving me a very generous five star review on GigSalad, my booking service.  You can read the review here.