bass player, classic rock, contemporary modern hits, and jazz

Bass Gigs, New Piano, Summer Magic!

Bass player bookings have become frequent over the past month in Los Angeles cafe gigs, private events, parties, and it looks like I’m going to see at lot more from the amount of positive feedback I keep getting after every gig.  Not just nice praise, but REALLY big “WOW” kind of stuff.  That’s inspiring, to say the least. So it certainly looks like it’s in my best interest to promote the fact that I’m a bass player and I’m available to “hold down the bottom” for classic rock, oldies, contemporary and jazz events.

Groove is a big part of what makes playing bass fun for me.  I love getting a really great pocket going with a tight drummer who knows how to keep great time.

So now people can hire me as a solo pianist, vocalist, keyboardist for a band event, or as a bass player.  I love all of it!  It’s all part of creating magic as a music artist, and it’s all material I love.

On that note, a highlight for me is the recent purchase of a new stage piano, which is bringing my solo piano gigs up to a new level.  I’ve gotten a chance to try it out at several venues over the last several weeks, and I love the rich, big grand piano sound it gets, plus it has great playability and is relatively light to carry from gig to gig.  I’ve also been getting VERY enthusiastic feedback from my keyboardist gigs, such as the one I just returned from before posting this!

Tonight I had the honor of playing with a group comprised of former band mates of Warren Zevon, famous back in the late 70s.  These guys were pros and hired me on very short notice.  I didn’t have a chance to rehearse but felt confident that the material would be easy for me to play  – they were overjoyed!  Well, so was I!  It was magical all around and it looks like I’m high on their list for future gigs.

The world is looking bright and I”m anticipating lots more work coming up for the rest of the summer – Senior Living facilities where I’m becoming VERY popular, all types of band situations, both as keyboardist and bass player, and lots more solo piano vocalist performances.  Good times!